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  ShuiKouShan of hunan nonferrous metals group co., LTD. Is located in hengyang city to the south40Km changning county town of conifers,Is the collection non-ferrous metal mining、Ore dressing、Smelting、Processing、Trade in the integration of large state-owned enterprises。The company2004Years to join the hunan nonferrous metals holding group co., LTD。2009Joined China minmetals corp。
  The company predecessor ShuiKouShan mining bureau,Was built in1896Years,It has been110Years of history。The end of the 19th century,“Reform movement、Industrial salvation”The trend,Has given rise to ShuiKouShan lead-zinc mine bureau,The first national lucifer mining、Ore dressing、Smelting,Won“Lead all of the world”、“The cradle of China's lead and zinc industry”A reputation
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      Ming-hui wang clean from theme party lecture on middle-level cadres to the company2019-9-10
      Party a to carry out the company“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Subject education and implementation plan2019-9-2
      Company to carry out“Autumn student”Activities2019-9-2
      Ming-hui wang remarks company propaganda workers——To improve the political stance Carry forward the positive energy Singing melody2019-8-26
      Company at the mine development work2019-8-26
      Advance will held company site management work2019-8-19
      Party to celebrate the founding of the company70Anniversary of the series of activities for deployment schedule2019-8-12
      In the second half of the company advance will party construction2019-8-12
      The central inspection group 14 to China minmetals co., LTD. Of the feedback patrol2019-8-5
      Company xi ecological civilization thought special subject study2019-8-5
  • The mercury-free zinc powder
    The mercury-free zinc powder
  • Beryllium copper alloy ingot in the middle
    Beryllium copper alloy ingot in the middle
  • Cadmium ingot
    Cadmium ingot
  • Gold bullion
    Gold bullion
  • The direct method zinc oxide
    The direct method zinc oxide
  • Zinc ingot
    Zinc ingot
  • Lead ingots
    Lead ingots
  • Industrial sulfuric acid
    Industrial sulfuric acid
  • High purity indium
    High purity indium
  • Bismuth
  • Silver
  • Arsenic
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